Beacon Infotech fuels partner’s growth through the implementation and propagation of business ideas using cutting edge technology. Depending upon robust technology stack, we bring down the time taken by our clients to transform industries and lives. We believe business growth is a symbiotic term when there is a technological coherence in the collaboration.

As our partner, you will experience a higher level of operational efficiency. Our hybrid solutions provide support to your vision with knowledge and experience. We will intensify your online presence over mobile and internet. Fuel your growth with our ideas and technologies that enhance your efficiency and revenues.

BeaconInfo is proud of its pinnacle team, the senior leadership and the super creative young minds committed to delivering the best. Our work culture gives us the confidence to commit the most innovative solutions and flawless implantation with industry expertise. Leverage the best technologies for web presence, Enterprise solutions, IOT and cloud-based solutions for your needs. We transform you while you transform the world.

Qualified to drive a Client-focused campaign, our technology is always in alignment with your business. We explore the latest techniques and implement best practices to offer you the best. Maintaining quality at each step, we run an expedite campaign to deliver you the best.


To be the most preferred IT solutions company admired for its quality of service and professionalism. To offer turnkey full-service IT solutions for our client’s multidimensional business growth. To boost up our client’s efficiency, productivity and brand value with our strategic technology initiatives with guaranteed financial satisfaction. To provide you flexible, accessible and secure solutions.


Our mission is to be a successful technology solutions company by delivering the finest client experience. Beacon Infotech will meet customer expectations by providing the client with proactive and state of art technology of highest quality.



We make IT and IT-enabled solutions more efficient and secure. We transform your internal operations, brand image, customer approach, revenue generation and operational efficiencies with our latest IT solutions. We act quickly to meet the rapidly changing competitive business. With us, technology will never be a bottleneck to your shifting demands.

Innovative approach

We have been the pioneers of various innovations for more than 8 years. Our intellectual and creative teams work relentlessly to develop solutions on latest technology trends to eliminate the drawbacks of traditional technologies. Extensive brainstorming is done to offer you the most suitable innovative solution for your business needs.




The inception of Beacon Infotech took place with the merging of Spektel Communication UK and Beacon FZE UAE. What began as a dream became reality and Beacon Infotech started functioning in its first office at Dubai Free Trading Zone. The team put their best foot forward and strived hard to make an impact within the industry and society.

Even in the infant stage, the team stood united with pure commitment and dedication and leapt over hurdles to give the clients state of art services. The effort put forth by the technical support team during this period resulted in the growth of the company in the initial year.


Beacon Infotech’s first Indian office; kickstarted its operations in this year. The main aim was to provide technical and network support to the company’s clients. The company entered into a business contract with a leading telecom operator in UK to perform outsourcing operations in the country. Beacon Infotech became a hub of creative young minds & experienced professionals, who strived hard to deliver their best.

The baseline for work culture at Beacon Infotech was client satisfaction. The success of the company was a reflection of the success of its clients. Every member of the team showcased the best of performance so as to make Beacon Infotech grow with each passing year.


2013 is a year of utmost importance in the history of Beacon Infotech. Four years after its inception, Beacon Infotech set its footprint globally by setting up two offices in Dubai and one office in the United Kingdom. As the company grew, the number of people onboard also increased. The client base also grew with time. As the company’s clients were from across the globe, there was a need to keep the support services alive all-day long. Thus, Beacon Infotech started providing 24*7 Tech support to its clients.

This took the level of client satisfaction and range of operations to the next level. The company thus continued its journey forward with a positive growth curve.


It was in 2014 that Beacon Infotech started a co-location in the United Kingdom and United States of America. Spektel is a premium carbon-neutral Data center providing services including dedicated servers, managed servers, colocation server etc. Spektel provided clients with on-demand IT Infrastructure, dedicated servers, and cloud resources.

The company could thereby offer flexible and customizable hosting solutions which range from a single Virtual Private Server to a private suite full of dedicated servers. The system enabled new installations as well as upgradation of existing servers. With each step ahead, the company made sure that best client services are provided. This year marked yet another milestone in the history of Beacon Infotech.


Beacon Infotech entered the software development arena by starting an IT development wing. The company could thus expand into a plethora of services including mobile application development, website development and software consultation. IT solutions could thus be provided and this helped other businesses work in a much easier and organised manner.

The talent pool at consists of professionals with a consultative approval that ensures our clients receive the highest quality services. We are the pioneer of result oriented web based business solutions for our clients and are driven by our distinctive values. The ability to identify the most robust technologies, offering the maximum cost-benefit has made us valued highly by our clients.


Beacon Infotech became channel partners with UAE based Du network. Du focuses on superior customer service. They have deviated from the regular path and have offered slightly different range of services. Beacon Infotech and Du network are of the same creed as far as client services are concerned.

By joining hands with du network, Beacon Infotech can now sell products of Du network. This has enabled an increase in the customer base. This partnership has helped Beacon Infotech pick the most appropriate telecommunication solutions that suit your specific needs and to ensure your organisation maximizes the benefits of today’s and emerging technologies.


2017 marked a major change in the company’s operations as it expanded even more and started off with a new office at UL Cyberpark, Calicut. This added on to the name and fame of Beacon Infotech within the industry and the society as a whole. The exposure that the employees received also changed as the company spread its wings even wider.

Beacon Infotech is now providing leading software solutions and technical support to clients worldwide. The young minds work together in unison to put forth efficient, flexible and scalable methods to help other businesses grow. The company is one of its kind when it comes to IT solutions.