The IT transformation solutions at Beacon Infotech will build a roadmap for your growth and focus on unique challenges. Beacon Infotech provides you with excellent customized ERP services and solutions for running a well-managed organization. We can accelerate your sales with our E-Commerce development services. Your online presence can be revamped and intensified with our Web designing, Digital marketing services and Cloud and Bare metal servers. With the aid of Beacon Infotech, you can explore new realms of growth in web space.








The android app development team at Beacon Infotech, guided by industry experts, have developed apps for all possible niches. Our passionate team of Android app designers and Android app developers leverage latest Android technologies to develop cutting-edge Android app solutions that offer stunning designs. Our experts dig deep to make sure that the final product is as per your expectation. We provide a whole range of back-end integration support for the built apps so that app owners can achieve their objectives. We can provide in-house solution for every need– from designing to bug fixing of the Android application.


Beacon Infotech has always excelled in the area of Windows App development and will continue to be. We work on creating innovative looks, user-friendly designs, robust and cost-effective applications by making use of standard processes. Our App development is impeccably user-focused. The goal is to create user experiences that create a brand for you. Apps are thoroughly tested and uploaded with optimized description. Our teams ensure that the App gets maintained and upgraded as per the societal requirements. We have an extensive niche experience in App development. Our applications traverse across various areas. Business, entertainment, weather, education, healthcare, social networking, travel, lifestyle, and e-books are some of them. We promise you timely delivery of applications.


Our iOS App meets the standards of an iPhone. We create vibrant and user-friendly Apps that not only attract the leads but also perform the best as they are built on the robust development platform. If you are looking for flagship Apps, we are the leaders. Our services include developing the product strategy, the User interface, testing and final delivery of applications. A result driven application that delivers you innovation and hence a better response from the users. Creating high-end easy-to-use Apps that are target oriented ensures the best Return on Investment. A complete end to end development and support to your App that matches your brand value. We promise to deliver robust and exclusive iOS application which will be a reflection of your business objectives.


Our extensive experience in the area of cloud computing enable us to craft comprehensive tailor-made cloud based solutions for your business. Beacon Infotech makes it easy for employees, customers and partners alike to manage anything from any place at any point of time. We help you attain business agility while lowering costs and capital expenditure with our Cloud based solutions. Start-ups and companies who have just entered into business benefit most from this service.


Beacon Infotech offers you Bare-metal servers to meet your business and software needs. The servers are customized deepening on the customer needs so that the resource does not go in waste. All the servers are hosted in our carbon neutral data centre at UK. All the servers are provided with the best bandwidth to meet all the customer needs.


We provide Virtual Private Servers for those businesses that plan to make optimal investment on their Online Presence. We provide solutions to companies by offering them with the best suited plan for allocating their resources. The VPS is divided into multiple packs which will help customers in choosing the correct configuration of RAM, HDD, Processor Configurations etc.


Mark the growth of your e-commerce website by using Magento. Magento is an eCommerce platform that we highly recommend because of its unique flexibility and customization features. The platform is ideal for businesses that want to quickly grow online. Powerful and feature rich, Magento offers merchants tremendous flexibility with their sales portal. As experienced eCommerce website development partners, we extend consultation and implementation support to businesses in choosing the right eCommerce software and then customizing it to suit their specific need.


The success of any online website starts long before someone clicks “buy.” We help you create an online store as unique as your brand by using WOO commerce. We make sure that each user has a special experience as he navigates through your products, content and site. We help you stand out from other e-commerce sites by providing unrestricted customisation options. We can aid you to understand your market and the requirements that the users have by using certain features like product ratings and reviews.


At Beacon Infotech, we use proven technology to create efficient shopping sites that convert. If you’re currently shopping around for the e-commerce platform that’s right for you, OpenCart is a good option for you to consider. Our eCommerce development team can help plan, design, and build an online shopping site; set up merchant accounts, integrate payment gateways; ensure compliance with digital security regulations and help in an online boosting of your sales.


Every day, new competitors rise up as weaker companies run out of steam and fall off the map. More consumers are shopping online than ever before, and online sales are beginning to outpace sales figures from brick-and-mortar stores. You will want to be up and running with the least time and effort. By using Prestashop, we can develop open source ecommerce software that can be used effortlessly by users from all strata of the society.


The impact of ERP in today’s business world is something that cannot be sidestepped. As enterprise data and processes are incorporated into ERP systems, businesses are able to align separate departments and improve workflow, resulting in significant bottom-line savings. We provide our clients with user friendly, efficient ERP systems that helps easy working and synchronisation of entities within an organisation.


At Beacon Infotech, we offer web-based payroll solutions designed for small and mid-sized companies in many industries. The system provides planning information for strategic needs such as forecasting, staffing needs assessment and employee skills assessment. The Human resource management tasks can be easily fulfilled by the use of our software. The applications are user-friendly and easy to understand. This enables hassle free operation.


Accounting is a department of utmost importance as far as any organisation is concerned. Beacon Infotech offers you a stable, customisable, easy to use accounting software which has a very nice user interface. It includes all necessary features including inventory, invoicing and accounting management. This can be used for a single site as well as multiple sites. This is useful for a holistic accounts management.


Our integrated business management solutions help to automate financial, customer relationship and supply chain processes. Beacon Infotech has created an easy-to-use, yet powerful CRM solution for companies who make data-driven decisions and love their customers. Every communication with a customer becomes well tracked and personalized with the use of our Customer Relationship Management Software.


Need turn-by-turn directions inside and around your office? Beacon Based Way finders will get you there! Our location based wayfinding platform represents the next generation of mobile wayfinding for your system. We provide you with technology that will engage your customers with relevant location-based content. Assist with indoor and outdoor navigation, parking, check-in, and more by using our Beacon based way finders. These way finders will improve customer experience and enhance the overall outlook of your brand.


The advent of technology has been incorporated into the field of Healthcare as well. Our remote health monitoring systems allows the healthcare provider to collect the medical & health data of an individual and transfers it to the clinical staff such as doctors, nurses etc. We also provide solution to other technical needs that might arise as far as healthcare and hospital management are concerned. These systems help improve patient engagement and also keep track of the patient’s health without frequent hospital visits.


Technology is progressing with time. Wearables are one such example for such a technological development. Be it smart watches, or glasses, our team takes all necessary steps to create and design applications that elevates user experience to entirely new levels. Beacon Infotech helps you create smart connected products. This will enable you to create new revenue streams. Be it iOS or Android, we create apps for fitness, health, travel, finance etc.


The prior step to online marketing is topping the search results in search engines. At Beacon Infotech, we practice a host of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to help your business grow in search engine results. This improves the number of visits for your website and helps to reach a larger audience. We have specialized SEO activities that will highlight the online presence of the brands that we promote.


The present scenario demands several digital strategies to establish a new business as a brand. At Beacon Infotech, we design as well as execute these digital strategies with perfection. We understand that every business is different and therefore there is the need to properly align marketing strategies that target the right market. We help clients reach out to the right people with our efficient social media management.


Our paid advertising services helps you to expose your company’s name to a very large audience. Paid advertising gives you a better chance of being active online. It can help convert a lot of people into ideal customers for your business. We understand your business and help you reach the correct market segment.


Our content management system ensures that the right content is used for your business to reach the right crowd. We ensure timely publishing of content that is customised and relevant. We aid the growth of your business by helping you put the right content forward.